Blue Willow Porcelain Collection

text by Lynn Petrakphoto by Barry Rustin All antiques have a history, but behind every piece of Blue Willow china, there is a legend. Considered one of the most beloved lines of chinaware in the world, Blue Willow has been immortalized in verse as well as porcelain. The patter, first introduced in England by the … Read more

Vanities Fair for Your Modern Bathroom Furniture

Text by Lynn Petrak Time was, design innovations didn’t extend to the most private of spaces: the bath. A bathroom or powder room usually featured basic elements, especially in older houses, where their tiny dimensions reflected their significance. Times, of course, have changed, and today’s designers work closely with homeowners to create custom baths that … Read more

Heirloom Flowers Seeds for Your Garden

Penchant for the Pasttext by Ann Wilson Nestled in colonists’ traveling bags and immigrants’ satchels, heirloom flower seeds made their way across the sea to the New World. Many of the seeds adapted to unfamiliar soils and climates, and as seasons passed, seeds and cuttings were swapped with neighbors and handed down from generation to … Read more

Stellar Cellar – Considerations when contemplating a wine cellar

Most people make room in their homes for the collections they love, but when one’s collection numbers well over one thousand pieces, it demands a special and spacious storehouse. For Paul Jones, a wine collector for 25 years, a large basement bedroom supplied the dimensions he needed to store and enjoy his ever-expanding collection of … Read more